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Summer Gardening

I work in gardens throughout the year and have the privilege of seeing, creating and maintaining some very interesting ones. The weather has been a big talking point, as the winter was rather long without being too severe, although we endured many long dark dreich days. It was well worth it, as few will have failed to notice the superb spring colour in gardens throughout the area.

I frequent the local plant nurseries and garden centres and it is noticeable that most amateur gardeners commence their horticultural activity when the sun shines, temperatures rise and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that; however, some forward planning and preparation would prevent the need to rush everything and allow time to relax and enjoy the spring and early summer displays.

I have previously written about ensuring that garden machinery is serviced in advance of the gardening season and the same could be said of landscaping projects for the garden.Another topic I have written about before is to note what grows well in the locality and what you particularly liked the look of as there is nothing wrong in copying what others have succeeded with in their garden and do remember that the garden should have plant interest throughout the year. Therefore, note the plants that take your fancy throughout the seasons.Never be afraid to go for a change if a feature or plant does not do it for you and this is what the dark days of winter are for. Plan and do not allow sentiment to get in the way of ripping out plants!

Some will seek to create ambitious garden designs; while others may be looking at ways to reduce maintenance due to changes in circumstance. Garden design books refer to the garden as an outdoor room, with the garden being an area to relax and enjoy, play, cultivate your dreams and cherish.

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