Garden Makeover

Garden Makeover

If your garden has become neglected or you have inherited a 'jungle', don't fret, we can help provide a complete makeover...

Garden Overhaul

Have you recently inherited a garden which is in need of improvement?

Are you considering changes to your garden?

Has your garden become overgrown, or

Do you simply want a change? 

We can provide a complete makeover to help you get your outdoor space back!


Whether it's a total removal and overhaul of the existing plants and features or simply pruning, cutting back and restoring your plants to their former glory, we have the skills to achieve this. The existing garden can be assessed in terms of whether the plants therein can be salvaged and restored. Advice can be given on options to retain or replace and all done to suit the requirements of the customer.

A makeover usually takes account of customer preference for retaining or replacement, with advice on the merit of each plant, or improvement treatment offered. Again, this service can be provided and implemented by G Croll Landscapes, or alternatively you may wish to be involved throughout the makeover either in a practical/hands on sense or in consultation.

Garden makeovers can be phased to suit timescales, seasons and budgets and as part of the service, customers can benefit from a detailed scheme of works which can adjusted to suit progress, or any changes as the makeover is undertaken.


All layout designs are customised to suit the customer 

Borders can be formal (straight lines and edges, or informal (wavy irregular lines, or curves) 

Borders can be created in lawns as perimeter or island features 

Depending on the size of the garden; borders are developed to be to scale and in keeping with the garden 

Narrow borders can be difficult to plant up and therefore a balance has to be struck 

Mulches assist in the retention of moisture during dry spells; reduce maintenance and suppress weeds; while the appearance is also enhances 

Walls, Fences, Paths, Paving, Patios & Decking

Important features in any garden; walls provide privacy and shelter; as do fences and need to be safe and secure

Modern and traditional materials are used and can be constructed to suit the needs of the customer and be in keeping with the garden and house style

Again; a large variety of paving materials can be selected from suppliers to form pathways; paved areas and patios

Paths need to be safe; functional and lead somewhere

Some garden paths are connected; lead to the main areas of the garden and return and that can be designed to suit the use and function of the garden

Decking has become a popular garden feature; providing space for seating, domestic activity; BBQ etc.

As well as creating the above features; it is possible to mend and repair. Garden sheds are prone to leaks and we can make them watertight again

Raised beds are worth considering and can be constructed using a variety of material. The benefits of raised beds are they reduce the need for bending; provide interest at different levels, for instance around patios and decking; while they enable children to access the garden and work at a suitable height

Many things are possible in a garden and we are here to assist; advise and implement the wishes and desires of customers. 

Water Features

As with the borders; water features can be formal or informal i.e. regular or irregular

Water features can be designed with safety in mind and thus avoiding depths of water

Bubble pools with cobbles to the surface can be child and wildlife friendly

Ponds may excavated and lined with liners, or waterproofed concrete

Water features can be situated in a lawn, border, or adjacent to other features such as rock gardens; heather gardens, or within a small woodland garden

Water features needn’t be large and can be designed to suit the situation and requirements of the customer

Rock Gardens

As with water features; a rock garden can vary in size and designed to suit both the customer and the garden situation

Rock gardens can be designed to be low maintenance, through the use of ground cover plants and mulching material; such as crushed rock and gravels

Again; rock gardens may be incorporated in to the lawn, or adjacent to water and rock gardens

Plants, Shrubs and Trees

All plant material selected will reflect the personal taste of the customer; with assistance and recommendations given as part of the service on offer.

A garden should offer seasonal variety and interest to suit the customer; while the use of a variety of plant types; heights; shapes ensures a landscape with height; depth; texture, as well as variety through attractive flower colour; foliage; berries and stems etc.

Where low maintenance is requested for the border; plants can be specified that require minimal attention 

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